Smartpod understand the importance of having an environment that’s engaging and stimulating for students to learn, and that’s where we come in. Whether you are a School, College or University, our Education Pods can be located almost anywhere and we’ll work with you to find that ideal location for your Smartpod. Our range of purpose-built Library, Breakout, Sensory and Classroom Pods feel spacious, bright, and are well ventilated for an optimal learning space. Being fully insulated, they provide exceptional heat retention and keep out those unwanted noises – creating a real haven for students.

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Library Pod



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Primary & Secondary Schools, Colleges & Universities

Education Modular Buildings

In the ever-changing landscape of education, the requirement for innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of students is ongoing. We provide a diverse array of education pods, customised for the education sector, catering to Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities throughout the UK.

Our range of education modular buildings create and immersive and dynamic learning space, incorporating Library, Classroom, Breakout, Sensory, Refreshment, and Washroom Pods meticulously crafted to fulfil specific requirements and enhance the educational journey for students. These versatile pod structures respond to the increasing demand for flexible environments within educational settings, ensuring a practical and engaging learning experience.

Modular Education Pods

In our commitment to excellence and practicality, we’ve developed contemporary designs that showcase structural quality. Our education pods, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality, ensure not only visual appeal but also ease of maintenance. All of our pods assure compliance with building regulations and planning permissions, providing Schools, Colleges, and Universities with confidence as they incorporate these modular educational structures into their campuses. Manufactured in the UK, our Smartpods feature an impressively short 8-12 week build and delivery timeframe, ideal for educational institutions looking to rapidly create new spaces.

Smartpods are highly versatile, with the ability to be placed in almost any location, providing campuses the freedom to design their learning spaces according to their preferences. Installation is then a breeze, eliminating the disruption and chaos associated with traditional construction. This ensures a seamless solution for campuses, with the pod constructed off-site, then delivered and installed in just one day. A standout characteristic of Smartpods is their exceptional insulation, creating a serene and comfortable environment conducive to learning. Backed by a 10-year structural warranty and a lifespan exceeding 35 years, they stand as a dependable and enduring investment for educational establishments. Our comprehensive turnkey service encompasses everything from site surveys to groundworks, delivery, and installation on solid ground, simplifying the process of owning a new building.

Library Pod

The Library Pod exemplifies our commitment to nurturing a love for reading among students, presenting an ideal space for this purpose. Each Library Pod comes fully-furnished in a practical yet inviting style, completely customisable to showcase your school’s distinct brand and colours. This well-lit and well-ventilated space, enhanced by excellent insulation and optional Air-Conditioning, establishes an optimal reading environment. Abundant natural light streams through the expansive front windows and doors, and the insulation not only contributes to cost-effectiveness by reducing operational expenses and utility bills but also ensures a comfortable atmosphere.

Within any educational campus, the Library Pod stands as a sanctuary of knowledge, encouraging students to immerse themselves in books and exploration. Its warm and welcoming design captivates students, cultivating a lasting appreciation for literature that can extend throughout their lives.

Breakout/Classroom Pod

Numerous educational institutions often face challenges in acquiring sufficient space for interventions, extracurricular activities, or smaller-sized classes. Smartpod’s Breakout Pod addresses this issue directly by providing a secure and inspiring environment where learners can participate in group work or smaller class sessions. Following the design principles of all Smartpods, Breakout and Classroom Pods offer a well-lit and well-ventilated space with expansive windows and doors. The outstanding insulation not only regulates temperatures but also reduces noise, creating an optimal environment for focused learning.

The Breakout Pod’s adaptability and versatility make it an invaluable asset for any school. Its flexibility enables placement in almost any location, serving as an extension of traditional classrooms and serving as a hub for creativity, collaboration, and personalised learning experiences.

Sensory Pod

We recognise the pivotal role of effective sensory rooms designed for students with unique needs. Through our partnership with SpaceKraft, we introduce Sensory Pods that are carefully crafted to function as havens for individuals with sensory sensitivities. These pods come fully-equipped with the expertise and tools needed to engage and soothe the senses, addressing the needs of individuals dealing with challenges related to social integration, autism, and other special educational requirements.

The design of the Sensory Pod highlights meticulous planning and specialised knowledge to ensure precise alignment with users’ specific needs. These spaces go beyond being mere collections of lights and cushions; they embody thoughtfully curated environments that empower individuals to explore and enhance their sensory abilities. By offering a secure and stimulating space, Smartpod actively contributes to the well-being and development of students with unique needs.

Refreshment Pod

Smartpod’s Refreshment Pod offers an optimal setup to address students’ food and beverage requirements, uniquely suited for educational institutions.

The Refreshment Pod’s adaptability and flexibility position it as a vital asset for educational facilities. Its customisable design facilitates the incorporation of food and beverage stations, establishing an environment that promotes healthy eating habits and social interaction, seamlessly complementing traditional cafeteria areas. This pod emerges as a pivotal element in elevating students’ overall campus experience by providing convenient access to nourishment and cultivating a lively, communal atmosphere within the educational setting.

Washroom Pod

The Washroom Pod offers an optimal solution to address specific hygiene and facility needs for both students and staff in external spaces, delivering versatile and customisable washroom facilities tailored for academic environments.

Encompassing changing rooms, shower rooms, WCs, and combined WC/shower facilities, the Washroom Pod accommodates a range of needs within educational settings. Constructed with robust 100mm thick waterproof and insulated panels, these spaces prioritise functionality while ensuring comfort. The modular construction allows for flexible customisation to suit the distinct requirements of each institution, offering choices for custom surrounds, non-slip flooring, hygienic wall linings, suspended ceilings, and energy-efficient LED lighting. Complete with essential amenities like RCD sockets, integral heaters, and a service bay, these Washroom Pod guarantees a convenient and comfortable experience for both students and faculty.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for the safe delivery of our pod. We love it and it has caused a flurry of excitement on the playground. I have already had two enquiries from local schools asking me where I purchased it from so expect a few enquiries soon. Thanks again. I know it will make a real difference to our children’s learning.”
Natasha Laskey, Knebworth Primary School
“We have 3 Smartpods here at St Nicholas. Smartpod is a solution we would highly recommend for
any school; the process is so simple from ordering to delivery. It brings our learning from inside to outside and has a massive impact on the well-being of our pupils and staff members.”
Siobhan Doherty, St Nicholas Primary School
“We love our new library pod from Smartpod that includes fabulously funky furniture. It’s a great addition to our school. Smartpod’s one stop solution providing groundworks and electrical connection made the whole process very easy.”
Jean Bray, Barwell Infants School

Leasing for Schools

To help alleviate costs, we have improved access to our array of pods through a partnership with ‘Funding 4 Education.’ This collaboration provides educational institutions the option to lease Smartpods, making them more accessible than ever by spreading payments over an extended period. Through our alliance with Funding 4 Education, we have opened avenues for schools to adopt innovative learning spaces without the burden of a significant upfront cost.