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Educational Modular Buildings

In the dynamic world of education, the search for inventive solutions to cater to students’ evolving needs is constant. Recognising this, we offer a diverse selection of modular buildings tailored for the education sector, including Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities across the UK.

Our range of education modular buildings emphasise the significance of fostering immersive and dynamic learning spaces, encompassing Library, Classroom, Breakout, Sensory, Refreshment and Washroom Pods strategically designed to meet specific objectives and elevate the educational journey for students. These versatile structures address the growing demand for adaptable environments within educational settings, ensuring a practical and engaging learning experience.

Modular Educational Buildings

In our dedication to excellence and functionality, we’ve crafted modern designs that shine a spotlight on quality. Our pod structures, marrying aesthetics with practicality, promise not just visual allure but also ease of maintenance. Smartpod guarantees adherence to building regulations and planning permissions, offering Schools, Colleges and Universities reassurance as they integrate these modular educational buildings into their campuses. Crafted in the UK, our Smartpods boast an incredibly short build and delivery timeframe of 8-12 weeks, ideal for educational establishments seeking swift creation of new spaces.

Installation is a breeze, eliminating the disruption and chaos linked with conventional construction, ensuring a seamless solution for campuses with the pod being built off-site and then delivered and installed in just one day. One standout feature of Smartpods is their remarkable insulation, fostering a tranquil and cozy atmosphere conducive to learning. With a 10-year structural warranty and a lifespan exceeding 35 years, they stand as a reliable and enduring investment for educational institutions. Our comprehensive turnkey service covers everything from site surveys to groundworks, delivery, and installation on solid ground, streamlining the experience of owning a new building.

Smartpods’ adaptability steals the show – they’re incredibly versatile, capable of placement in nearly any location, granting campuses the freedom to design their learning spaces as they see fit.

Our Modular Building Range

Smartpod’s lineup of educational modular buildings revolutionises how educational institutions can adapt to change. The Library Pod, Breakout Pod, Sensory Pod, Classroom Pod, Refreshment Pod and Washroom Pod are tailored to diverse learning facets, delivering flexible spaces that ignite engagement, innovation, and inclusivity. Prioritising design, functionality, and effortless setup, Smartpods stand as a pragmatic, time-efficient option for educational institutions aspiring to craft enriching student environments.

Whether nurturing a reading culture, fostering collaborative learning settings, or supporting special educational needs, Smartpods embody a dedication to enhancing the educational journey. Through ‘Funding 4 Education,’ leasing options make these innovative learning spaces more accessible than ever. Schools can now embrace a cost-effective, swift solution that aligns with their ever-evolving requirements (more details at the bottom of the page).

Library Modular Building

The Library Pod epitomises our dedication to instilling a passion for reading in students. Recognising the importance of encouraging young learners to embrace reading, Smartpod offers an ideal sanctuary for this purpose. Each Library Pod arrives fully furnished in a practical yet welcoming style, completely customisable to reflect your school’s unique brand and colours. This bright, well-ventilated space, complemented by excellent insulation and optional Air-Conditioning, establishes an optimal reading environment. Ample natural light floods through the large windows and doors, while the insulation not only aids in cost-effectiveness by reducing running costs and utility bills but also ensures a comfortable atmosphere.

Within any campus, the Library Pod stands as a knowledge haven, inviting students to immerse themselves in books and discovery. Its cozy, inviting design captivates all students, fostering an enduring love for literature that can extend throughout their lives.

Breakout Modular Building

Many educational institutions frequently encounter difficulties in securing adequate space for interventions, extracurricular activities, or smaller-sized classes. Smartpod’s Breakout Pod tackles this issue head-on by providing a secure, inspirational setting where learners can engage in group work or smaller class sessions. Mirroring all Smartpods, Breakout Pods offer a well-lit, well-ventilated space with expansive windows and doors. The exceptional insulation not only regulates temperatures but also minimises noise, establishing an ideal environment for focused learning.

The Breakout Pod’s adaptability and versatility render it an invaluable asset for any School. Its flexibility allows placement in nearly any location, functioning as an extension of traditional classrooms and becoming a nucleus for creativity, collaboration, and tailored learning experiences.

Sensory Modular Building

We acknowledge the crucial role of effective sensory rooms tailored to students with distinct needs. Through our collaboration with SpaceKraft, we present Sensory Pods meticulously crafted to serve as sanctuaries for those with sensory sensitivities. These pods arrive fully equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to engage and soothe the senses, catering to individuals dealing with challenges related to social integration, autism, and other special educational needs.

The design of the Sensory Pod underscores meticulous planning and specialised knowledge to ensure it aligns precisely with users’ specific requirements. These spaces transcend being mere collections of lights and cushions; they represent thoughtfully curated environments empowering individuals to explore and enhance their sensory abilities. By providing a secure and stimulating space, Smartpod actively contributes to the well-being and growth of students with distinct needs.

Classroom Modular Building

Educational settings often grapple with the challenge of accommodating various learning activities within limited space, especially when it comes to creating conducive environments for learning. Smartpod’s Classroom Pod effectively addresses this concern by offering a dedicated, conducive space for students to engage in focused learning, group activities, and smaller-sized classes.

Similar to other Smartpods, Classroom Pods prioritise an atmosphere filled with ample natural light, excellent ventilation through expansive windows and doors, and exceptional insulation that maintains optimal temperatures while minimising distractions from external noise. The adaptability and versatility of the Classroom Pod make it an invaluable asset for educational institutions. Its flexible design allows for placement in diverse locations, serving as an extension of conventional classrooms. It becomes a hub for fostering creativity, encouraging collaboration, and facilitating tailored learning experiences for students.

Refreshment Modular Building

Smartpod’s Refreshment Pod presents an ideal solution tailored for educational institutions, providing the perfect setup to cater to students’ food and beverage needs.

The adaptability and versatility of the Refreshment Pod make it an essential addition to educational facilities. Its customisable design allows for the inclusion of food and beverage stations, creating an environment that encourages healthy eating habits and social interaction while complementing traditional cafeteria spaces. This pod becomes a key element in enhancing students’ overall campus experience, providing convenient access to nourishment and fostering a vibrant, communal atmosphere within the educational landscape.

Washroom Modular Building

The Washroom Pod presents an ideal solution tailored to meet specific hygiene and facility needs for students and staff, designed to offer versatile and customisable washroom facilities within academic environments.

Featuring changing rooms, shower rooms, WCs, and combined WC/shower facilities, the Washroom Pod caters to diverse needs within educational settings. Built with durable 100mm thick waterproof and insulated panels, these spaces prioritise functionality without compromising on comfort. The modular construction allows for flexible customisation to fit the unique requirements of each institution, providing options for custom surrounds, non-slip flooring, hygienic wall linings, suspended ceilings, and energy-efficient LED lighting. Equipped with essential amenities such as RCD sockets, integral heaters, and a service bay, these Washroom Pods ensure a convenient and comfortable experience for students and faculty. Additionally, they come with a 10-year structural warranty and boast a life expectancy of over 35 years, offering long-term reliability and functionality for educational facilities.

What Our Clients Say

“We have 3 Smartpods here at St Nicholas. Smartpod is a solution we would highly recommend for
any school; the process is so simple from ordering to delivery. It brings our learning from inside to outside and has a massive impact on the well-being of our pupils and staff members.”
Siobhan Doherty, St Nicholas Primary School
“Thank you for the safe delivery of our pod. We love it and it has caused a flurry of excitement on the playground. I have already had two enquiries from local schools asking me where I purchased it from so expect a few enquiries soon. Thanks again. I know it will make a real difference to our children’s learning.”
Natasha Laskey, Knebworth Primary School
“We love our new library pod from Smartpod that includes fabulously funky furniture. It’s a great addition to our school. Smartpod’s one stop solution providing groundworks and electrical connection made the whole process very easy.”
Jean Bray, Barwell Infants School

Leasing for Schools

To assist with cost, we’ve enhanced accessibility to our range of pods through our collaboration with ‘Funding 4 Education.’ This partnership offers educational institutions the opportunity to lease Smartpods, making them more reachable than ever by extending payments across a longer term. By teaming up with Funding 4 Education, we’ve created avenues for schools to embrace innovative learning spaces without the weight of a substantial initial expense.