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Sensory Modular Buildings

Smartpod’s range of Sensory Pods show an understanding that effective sensory rooms involve more than just throwing in lights and cushions; they requires careful planning and expertise. That’s why we’ve partnered with SpaceKraft – a dedicated creator of multi-sensory environments. Sensory spaces offer a haven to assist individuals with sensory challenges. They are fully equipped to provide an environment meticulously designed to stimulate and soothe the senses, offering an area for individuals with social integration disorder, autism, and other special educational needs to explore and enhance their sensory skills and improve learner outcomes.

Sensory Pod by SmartPod

In partnership with SpaceKraft

SmartPod’s partnership with SpaceKraft reflects a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in creating our range of Sensory Pods. SpaceKraft is a family-based company with over 30 years of experience in creating Multi-Sensory Environments, evolving from relaxation rooms of the 1970s to the cutting-edge interactive spaces of today. Each project is tailored to unique needs, considering user demographics, sensory requirements, space, and budget. These environments not only benefit individuals with sensory challenges but also enhance experiences for the general population, and are increasingly integrated into mainstream education. With over 4,000 installations, SpaceKraft ensures quality and safety, meeting or surpassing legislative standards.



  • White UPVC window and door frames
  • White ACM side panels and choice of coloured edging
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Blind
  • Electric heating
  • Plug sockets
  • Suspended ceiling
  • LED ceiling lighting
  • Fully fitted with sensory equipment to ‘Pure’ level
  • Delivery & installation*

Prices (Excluding VAT)







  • Everything included with Pure
  • White or anthracite UPVC windows, doors and panels
  • Choice of coloured ACM side panels
  • Air conditioning
  • Fully fitted with sensory equipment to ‘Plus’ level

Prices (Excluding VAT)







  • Everything included with Plus
  • Exterior lighting
  • Choice of coloured Rockpanel or aluminium sides
  • Socket relocation
  • Customised entry door mat
  • In-glass blind
  • Upgraded sensory equipment to premium level

Prices (Excluding VAT)





*Prices include delivery and installation on a hard surface with little deviation in levels. Installation on grass will incur additional charges for our ground screw installation service. Smartpods can be customised to include aspects from different models upon request.

Sensory Pod for Schools

With SpaceKraft’s expertise and SmartPod’s commitment to quality, our Sensory Pods are a valuable addition to any educational setting, promoting holistic development and fostering a supportive learning environment. Crafted with quality and safety in mind, each pod is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring durability and reliability. With a 10-year structural warranty and a life expectancy exceeding 35 years, our pods epitomise longevity, making them a lasting investment in the educational journey.

Schools benefit immensely from our Sensory Pods, providing a versatile space that can adapt to various needs and settings. They’re not just for specialised sensory rooms; they can also be integrated seamlessly into mainstream education, stimulating students’ curiosity and bringing lessons to life. Whether it’s for relaxation, sensory stimulation, or educational purposes, our Sensory Pods offer a dynamic environment that evolves with the needs of students. They also enhance inclusivity by providing opportunities for all students to engage with diverse learning experiences.

Sensory Modular Building

‘Pure’ Range

The ‘Pure’ range of Sensory Pods encompasses a comprehensive array of features tailored for sensory engagement and comfort. Featuring white UPVC window and door frames, along with white ACM side panels complemented by colored edging, these pods exude a modern aesthetic. Equipped with carpet tiles for warmth and comfort, blinds for privacy, and electric heating for optimal temperature control, they ensure a cozy atmosphere. Plug sockets offer convenience, while suspended ceilings and LED ceiling lighting contribute to a soothing ambiance. Fully fitted with sensory equipment to ‘Pure’ level standards, these pods are ready to provide immersive sensory experiences. Delivery and installation are included, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

‘Plus’ Range

The ‘Plus’ range elevates sensory experiences with additional features building upon the Pure range. Alongside all amenities included in Pure, it offers versatility with a choice between white or anthracite UPVC windows, doors, and panels. Enhanced climate control is provided through air conditioning, ensuring optimal comfort. Coloured ACM side panels offer customisation to suit individual preferences. The Plus range is also fully-equipped with sensory equipment to ‘Plus’ level standards, enriching sensory engagement further. With these upgrades, the Plus range delivers a comprehensive sensory environment tailored to diverse needs and preferences, fostering immersive and enriching experiences for users.

‘Premium’ Range

The ‘Premium’ range epitomises sophistication and luxury, enhancing sensory environments with exclusive features surpassing the Plus range. In addition to all amenities from Plus, it boasts exterior lighting for ambiance and security. Personalisation options expand with a choice between coloured Rockpanel or aluminium sides. Socket relocation facilitates optimal positioning for convenience. A custom-designed entry door mat adds a touch of elegance. Enhanced privacy and aesthetics are achieved with an in-glass blind. The Premium range also offers upgraded sensory equipment to premium level standards, ensuring unparalleled sensory experiences. With these premium enhancements, the Premium range sets a new standard for luxurious and immersive sensory environments.

Leasing options are available through our partner Funding 4 Education

Funding 4 Education has been a supporter of schools for over two decades, offering invaluable assistance in acquiring essential tools like sensory pods through leasing options. Specialising solely in the education sector, their primary goal is to empower schools by providing avenues to access necessary equipment despite budgetary constraints.

Understanding the intricacies of funding and procurement can be daunting, which is why Funding 4 Education offers tailored leasing solutions specifically designed for schools. With a focus on individual needs, they streamline the leasing process, ensuring schools can easily navigate their options.

Trusted by over 5,000 educational institutions, Funding 4 Education’s bespoke services are crafted to meet the unique requirements of each school. By facilitating funding for sensory pods, they enable educators to create optimal learning environments tailored to their students’ needs.

Our partnership with Funding 4 Education means schools can confidently focus on their core mission of teaching, knowing that their equipment needs are expertly managed, allowing them to create immersive and enriching learning experiences for their students.