The Challenge of Uneven Terrain

In today’s dynamic environments, having a flexible and reliable space solution is paramount. SmartPods offer a versatile solution for education, retail, leisure, and business industries that can be customised to meet the specific needs of any site. However, one common challenge faced during the installation of these pods is dealing with uneven terrain. Traditional concrete foundations often fall short due to their limitations and environmental impact. This is where our partnership with RADIX and their unique range of Ground Screws come into play – providing an innovative, eco-friendly foundation solution that ensures SmartPods can be installed on any surface, no matter how uneven.

Uneven terrain presents several challenges for the installation of modular structures like SmartPods. Traditional concrete foundations require extensive site preparation, including excavation, leveling, and curing time, all of which are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Moreover, concrete is not environmentally friendly due to its high carbon footprint. These limitations necessitate a more adaptable and sustainable foundation solution, hence our use of RADIX Ground Screws.

What are RADIX Ground Screws?

RADIX ground screws are a modern, eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete foundations. Made from galvanised steel, these screws come in various diameters and lengths, each designed to provide a strong, secure, and durable foundation for a wide range of structures. RADIX ground screws are known for their versatility, load-bearing capacity, and long lifespan, with a 35-year guarantee and a life expectancy of over 60 years.

  • Time Efficiency: Ground screws are quick and easy to install, reducing the overall project time. They are 70% faster to install compared to concrete foundations, allowing for rapid deployment of SmartPods.

  • Environmental Benefits: Unlike concrete, ground screws have a lower carbon footprint. They cause less environmental damage, require no excavation, and are removable, reusable, and recyclable.
  • Versatility: Ground screws can be installed in any weather and on various types of terrain, including sloping, uneven, and soft ground. This makes them ideal for remote and hard-to-access areas.

  • Immediate Load-Bearing Capacity: Once installed, ground screws provide instant load-bearing capacity, eliminating the need for curing time required by concrete.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The faster installation process and reduced labor costs make ground screws a more economical choice. Additionally, the long lifespan and durability of ground screws ensure long-term savings.

Soft Soils

Effective in various soft soils, such as clay, silt, and loam, where they can easily penetrate and provide stable anchorage, ensuring durability.


Ideal for installations in grassy fields, gardens, or other unpaved surfaces, our screws offer a versatile foundation solution without disturbing the environment.

Hard Soil

In rocky terrains or extremely hard soils, pre-drilling may be required to facilitate installation, ensuring the screws achieve the necessary depth and stability.


Special considerations for stability and longevity are needed in waterlogged or marshy areas, and our range of screws is designed to meet these challenging conditions.


For installations in concrete or asphalt surfaces, pre-drilling may be necessary, allowing our screws to anchor securely in highly urbanised or paved environments.

The Installation Process

Each SmartPod installation is completely unique to the terrain and type of pod chosen. However, there is a typical set of steps required with the installation of SmartPods using RADIX ground screws to ensure a secure and level foundation, even on uneven terrain.

Site Survey

Before installation, a detailed site survey and load testing are conducted to determine the appropriate type and size of ground screws required for the specific conditions of the site.

Ground Preparation

The installation team prepares the ground above and below the installation area. This may involve minor clearing and marking the positions for the ground screws.

(if required)

In some cases, pre-drilling may be necessary to facilitate the insertion of the ground screws, especially in rocky or very hard soils.


The ground screws are then installed using specialised machinery. They are screwed into the ground at the predetermined positions, ensuring precise alignment and depth. This process is quick and minimises disruption to the surrounding area.

Foundation Setup

Once the ground screws are in place, they provide a stable and level foundation for the SmartPod. The structure is then secured to the screws using standard attachments or customised brackets, ensuring a solid and reliable setup.

Applications of SmartPods on Uneven Terrain

Due to their customisable designs, versatile applications, and ability to be installed on uneven surfaces – SmartPods provide endless possibilities for education, retail, leisure and business sectors.

Modular Buildings for Education


Educational institutions often require temporary or additional washroom facilities during events or expansions. SmartPods, installed on uneven school grounds, provide scalable and hygienic solutions. Ground screws ensure quick and level installations without disrupting the campus environment.

Retail Pods


Retail environments, such as shopping centres or outdoor markets, benefit from the flexibility of SmartPods. Installed on uneven terrain, these pods enhance customer experience by providing clean and accessible facilities. Ground screws offer a seamless and aesthetically pleasing foundation that aligns with the retail space’s design.


For festivals, parks, and public venues managed by local authorities, SmartPods offer durable and efficient space solutions. Ground screws enable installations on diverse terrains, including remote and uneven locations, ensuring facilities are accessible to all visitors. This adaptability is crucial for seasonal events and temporary setups.

The Benefits of SmartPod and RADIX Ground Screw Integration

Integrating SmartPods with RADIX ground screws provides a superior solution for modern infrastructure needs:

  • Flexibility and Customization: SmartPods are tailored to meet specific requirements, and ground screws enhance this flexibility by providing a reliable foundation on any surface.
  • Sustainability: Both SmartPods and RADIX ground screws prioritize eco-friendliness, reducing the environmental impact compared to traditional construction methods.
  • Efficiency: The combination of quick installation times for both SmartPods and ground screws ensures minimal disruption and faster project completion.
  • Durability: With a structural warranty of 10 years for SmartPods and a lifespan of over 35 years for ground screws, this integrated solution promises long-term reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ground screws as good as concrete?

This is the most common question we get asked, and the answer is ‘yes’! Ground screw foundations are an excellent alternative to traditional concrete foundations, particularly for sustainable construction. Despite the familiarity and long-standing use of concrete, ground screws offer several significant advantages. They can be installed much faster than concrete, which requires time for pouring and curing. Ground screws are less invasive and have a lower environmental impact, as they don’t require extensive digging or soil displacement. Additionally, they can be easily removed and reused, providing flexibility for temporary or relocatable structures. High-quality ground screws also offer strong load-bearing capacities comparable to concrete, and they can be more cost-effective due to reduced labor and time requirements.

How long do ground screws last?

RADIX ground screws are designed to last over 60 years, contingent on soil conditions and installation quality. Additionally, each screw comes with a 35-year guarantee ensuring structural integrity.

Can ground screws be installed year-round?

Yes, our foundations can be installed year-round, proper planning and professional assessment ensure successful installations, unlike concrete foundations, which are limited by weather conditions.

Will ground screws take the weight of my modular building?

RADIX PRO screws offer load-bearing capacities ranging from 13.5kN to 66kN. Each screw undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets load, pressure, and tension-bearing standards. Our installation teams assess the ground conditions and perform calculations based on the specific structure that the screws will support. The total load capacity of the structure is distributed across multiple screws.

Can ground screws be installed in frozen ground?

One key advantage of ground screws over concrete is that they can be installed during winter months, even in frosted ground. Our screws are specifically designed to perform well in various terrains, climates, and soil conditions.

Can ground screws be installed on Tarmac?

Yes, ground screws can be installed through tarmac. First, a hole must be drilled to ensure clean insertion, using appropriate equipment to avoid excessive wear. Careful installation ensures proper alignment and depth, while assessing the underlying soil guarantees sufficient support. Due to the complexities, professional installation is recommended for safety and accuracy.

How deep can ground screws be installed?

The depth at which a ground screw needs to be installed depends on the overall weight of your project and the ground conditions. Our screws, available in lengths from 800mm to 2050mm, are designed to create strong and stable foundations in most soil types for a wide range of projects. For deeper installations, we offer a screw pile range to meet your project’s specific requirements. Please contact us to evaluate your project and help you select the best screws for your build.

Can ground screws be installed on any terrain?

Yes, ground screws can be installed on a variety of terrains. RADIX’s low-carbon foundations are highly versatile and suitable for numerous surfaces. To ensure the right screws are chosen for your project, accurate site surveys, ground testing, and load testing are essential. Our screws work well in various soft soils, including clay, silt, and loam, where they easily penetrate and provide stable anchorage. They are also ideal for grassy fields, gardens, and other unpaved surfaces. In rocky terrains or extremely hard soils, pre-drilling may be necessary. Waterlogged or marshy areas may require special considerations for stability and longevity, which our range of screws can accommodate. For installations in concrete or asphalt surfaces, pre-drilling is often required to ensure secure anchorage in highly urbanised or paved environments.

SmartPods, when paired with RADIX ground screws, offer a revolutionary solution for installing modular buildings on uneven terrain. This combination addresses the challenges of traditional foundations by providing a quick, eco-friendly, and versatile alternative. Whether for educational institutions, retail environments, or public venues, SmartPods installed on RADIX ground screws ensure a level, durable, and sustainable foundation, meeting the diverse needs of modern infrastructure projects.

For more information on how SmartPods and RADIX ground screws can transform your space, contact us today to discuss your project and receive a personalised quote. We look forward to helping you create the ideal pod solution, regardless of the terrain.

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